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State Senate Announcement of Brian Prim

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to run for State Senate for the 4th District of West Virginia, which covers Mason and Jackson Counties along with portions of Putnam and Roane. As people close to me know, politics has never been a plan of mine. But I cannot sit idly by while the current legislature leads an all-out attack against every working person in our state.

Issues like so called “Right to Work” legislation, the repeal of the prevailed wage for construction projects and continued roll backs of well-established safety laws are attacks not just on union workers, but every man and woman working in any capacity in our state. In addition, the legislature has spent the last year and half picking and choosing portions of constitution that they claim to “defend” while at the same time taking monumental steps to eliminate many of the constitutional protections West Virginia citizens should be guaranteed. While I am a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment and an avid hunter and gun enthusiast, I am also a firm believer in our personal guarantees of property rights and the right to civil trial by jury when wronged by someone else. We cannot, and must not, stand by while the current Legislature eliminates our rights while making way for corporations and big business to run rampant over the average citizen.

Brian Prim pictured at WV Secretary of State’s office signing his Certificate of Announcement for Senatorial District 4

It is time to bring real West Virginia values to our capitol. I love this state and love our people and the spirit we embody. This is not what is being represented in Charleston currently. This current legislative majority has done absolutely nothing to better the lives of my family, my neighbors, my friends. In fact, their entire agenda is to trample the very spirit of our people to benefit out of state money. It is time for this to stop.

I intend to travel the entire district and meet with all citizens, business and labor, that embody the spirit of what makes this State great, and ask for your support in making a change in the Senate that will start the road to the realization of West Virginia values.

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