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Five Worst Drug Recalls

It seems like there’s news of a new drug recall nearly every week. Part of the problem is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t approve drugs based on a record of safety. It approves drugs based on the idea that they aren’t outright dangerous. But with the relatively small sample size and lengths Read More

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Who’s Got the Pulse on Healthcare Apps?

There are thousands of health-related apps for iPhones and Android smartphones that claim to do everything from checking your blood pressure to counting the steps you take each day. But until now, no one has been regulating these apps to make sure that they do what they claim they can. In September 2013, the Food Read More

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What Happened with Baycol and Why Were Manufacturers Liable?

Not all manufactured drugs are safe for consumers. Some drugs like Baycol caused adverse side effects or death and the fact was not immediately known. If you suffer a serious injury from a dangerous drug, find out how a defective drug lawyer in West Virginia can protect your rights and help you recover compensation. Bayer Read More

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