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Motorcycle Accidents

West Virginia Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Represent Injured Bikers

Helping motorcyclists recover damages for medical bills after a crash

Motorcyclists don’t have the same protections as other drivers on the road. With no metal cage surrounding them, they are exposed to the elements and easily ejected from their vehicle. Motorcycle riders frequently suffer road rash, broken bones and head injuries when they wreck. In spite of popular misconceptions, most bikers are responsible and safe riders. Many accidents are caused by other drivers who aren’t looking out for motorcycles on the road or simply don’t drive safely when they see a bike. The motorcycle accident attorneys at Prim Law Firm, PLLC in West Virginia do everything we can to get justice for injured bikers and their families.

Distracted driving puts bikers at risk

Because motorcycles are smaller than cars, drivers may not see them in their mirrors as easily. This problem is compounded by distracted driving. When a driver is playing with their phone, using it to read text messages or post pictures on Instagram, their eyes are averted from the road. The combination of a small vehicle and a driver who isn’t paying attention is a recipe for disaster. Our firm takes a firm stance against distracted drivers and works tirelessly to get justice for the bikers those drivers injure.

Helmets and proper gear help keep motorcyclists safe

Even the safest bikers can be involved in a wreck at any time. It is essential for all bikers to wear a DOT approved helmet that covers the entire head. West Virginia requires bikers to wear a helmet and this law measurably reduces deaths and head injuries, even among experienced riders. Despite this law, over 20% of motorcyclist fatalities in the state still involve riders who weren’t wearing a helmet. Helmets are only designed to withstand one impact and should be replaced after any type of fall. Additionally, to avoid helmet failures, they should be replaced every few years, as the glue that allows the Styrofoam inside to function properly loses its effectiveness. Decorative novelty helmets provide no protection whatsoever, and can actually be more dangerous than riding with no helmet.

Representing bikers with common motorcycle accident injuries

Because bikers are exposed to the road and other vehicles, they suffer a wide variety of injuries in wrecks. Some of the most common injuries include:

  • Road rash. Bikers frequently suffer injuries due to sliding on pavement. High speeds combined with a rough surface result in skin, muscle and bone being grated and peeled off the body. This injury is called road rash. It is similar to carpet burn, but much more serious. Road rash can cause serious disfigurement or death.
  • Broken bones. Riders often break bones in their hands, arms and legs. The hands and arms are especially vulnerable to fracture when bikers put their hands out in an attempt to break their fall.
  • Traumatic brain injuries. Head injuries are common when a rider’s skull smacks into the pavement or a stationary object. Helmets prevent some brain injuries, but at certain speeds, brain trauma becomes unavoidable.
  • Death. Unfortunately, bike wrecks can be fatal. When they are, our attorneys help families navigate the legal process and recover damages from negligent drivers.

Our personal injury lawyers help bikers who have suffered an injury on the road due to the negligence of another driver. Whether your family lost a loved one in a bike wreck or you simply broke your arm when you fell off your bike and want your medical bills paid, our attorneys are here to help.

Trust a West Virginia motorcycle accident lawyer to help you after a wreck

Injured bikers and their families often face an uphill battle convincing courts and insurance companies that a motorcycle wreck was someone else’s fault. At Prim Law Firm, PLLC, our attorneys represent bikers who have been hurt because of another driver’s actions. To schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced motorcycle wreck injury attorneys, call 304-721-4619 or contact us online.

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