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Trucking Accident Negligence

Representing You After a West Virginia Trucking Accident Caused by Negligence

Holding drivers and trucking companies responsible for injuries

Putting a truck on the road is a big responsibility. There are hundreds of regulations covering every aspect of truck ownership, maintenance and operation. These laws and regulations are meant to protect the public from negligent operation of trucks, vehicles that are dangerous in even the best of circumstances. When truck owners or operators are negligent, and that negligence causes an accident, the attorneys at Prim Law Firm, PLLC do whatever it takes to get the victims justice. Our West Virginia attorneys work to get truck victims the financial compensation they need.

Trucking companies cause accidents through negligent maintenance and hiring

Trucking companies have a variety of important responsibilities concerning their trucks. Some of their most important duties include:

  • Maintenance. Trucks must be properly maintained at all times. If a company allows a truck onto the road when they know something is wrong, they can be held accountable for the damage the truck causes.
  • Hiring. When a trucking company hires inexperienced, unqualified or dangerous drivers, they put others at risk. Potential employees should be screened for drug and alcohol use. Drivers should always be given a thorough background check before being hired. Negligent hiring practices can be cause for damages awards to truck accident victims in court.
  • Proper loading. Trucking companies, shipping companies and drivers are all responsible for loading a truck correctly. Any person or company who loads goods onto a truck must do so in a balanced and secure manner. The driver is responsible for checking that a load is safely secured, but courts will hold shippers liable as well after a load-shift accident caused by load imbalance.
  • Business practices. Trucking companies often encourage drivers to work more than the legally mandated maximum number of hours per day or week. Encouraging or requiring the behavior often leaves freight companies responsible for injuries caused by their drivers.

Because of the complexity of trucking and the amount of regulation involved, most companies end up violating at least some rules. Our attorneys use all available evidence to prove that freight forwarders or truck owners were negligent and that their negligence caused your injury.

Driver negligence causes truck accidents

Truck drivers must be constantly aware of their truck and the road, paying attention to everything that happens around them. The slightest mistake or hesitation can cause a truck to roll over, jackknife or collide with another vehicle. A driver’s duties extend to inspecting and properly loading a truck, as well as following all applicable regulations. Some of the most common forms of truck driver negligence include:

  • Drunk driving. In West Virginia and throughout the country, commercial drivers are limited to a blood alcohol content of 0.04%, though they should never drive under the influence of alcohol or any drug. Unfortunately, truck operators sometimes use illegal drugs to help them stay awake and work long hours.
  • Distracted driving. Drivers need to keep their eyes on the road. West Virginia has banned texting while driving, but many truckers still use their electronic devices while on the road. Sending an e-mail or playing a game while driving is extremely dangerous, especially when the driver’s vehicle is an 80,000 lb., fully loaded truck.
  • Fatigued driving. Financial pressures or orders from a boss frequently lead truckers to work more hours than they are legally allowed. They may falsify their daily logs, lying about how many hours they worked. When drivers over-work themselves, they get tired behind the wheel, slowing their reaction times and becoming more dangerous to everyone else on the road.

Our attorneys work with accident reconstruction experts to comb through evidence and determine exactly what caused a truck to wreck. Whether a driver, an owner-operator or a trucking company is responsible, we work to get our clients the compensation they need.

Contact an experienced trucking negligence attorney today

When you are injured due to the negligence of a truck driver, trucking company, mechanic or shipping company, you have rights. The West Virginia tractor-trailer wreck lawyers at Prim Law Firm, PLLC are dedicated to holding negligent parties responsible for their actions and getting justice for accident victims. Call us now at 304-721-4619 or contact us online to arrange a no-cost consultation with an experienced and dedicated personal injury lawyer.

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