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Work-Related Injury

Work-Related Chemical Exposures

Pursuing Damages for West Virginia Workers

Prim Law Firm, PLLC of Hurricane, West Virginia, represents industrial workers suffering serious health effects from job-related toxic chemical exposure. We have the demonstrated ability to link the illness to a specific product and secure damages from the manufacturer.

In many cases, our clients do not know what toxic chemical they were exposed to. It’s our job to figure that out. Trial lawyer Brian Prim has successfully represented sick workers of Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg and throughout West Virginia, as well as clients in Kentucky and Ohio.

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Toxic Exposure Claims

We serve workers who have developed major health problems as a result of workplace exposures to benzene, acetone, and other chemical compounds or poisonous substances. We assist those suffering from work-related illnesses such as:

“There’s a lot of nasty junk at the plant where I worked.”

At steel mills, factories, power plants and construction sites, workers may be exposed to any number of harmful chemicals. The source might be spills, industrial-strength cleaning products, byproducts of manufacturing and toxic substances in work-related products.

When clients come to us, they are often at a loss to pinpoint any one substance that might have caused their illness. Was it a one-time exposure to a powerful chemical, or long-term breathing of dangerous fumes? Was it the current job, or delayed effects from a previous workplace?

That’s where we come in. Prim Law Firm, PLLC has assembled a large database of harmful industrial products and their known health effects. Combined with information about the client’s work history and illness patterns in co-workers, we have had notable success in linking our client’s disease to a specific chemical. With the help of medical experts and industrial safety experts, we pursue toxic tort damages, including:

  • Third-party lawsuits against manufacturers for failure to warn of the dangers of their product.
  • Full disability benefits through compensation claims involving occupational diseases.

If you believe that workplace toxic chemical exposure caused your severe health problems, contact our law firm today for a free case evaluation at 1-866-201-7985 . We can arrange home and hospital visits, including evening or weekends by appointment. We collect no attorney’s fees unless we are successful in securing compensation.

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