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Understanding Medicare Conditional Payments for Accident Claims

In West Virginia, the insurance company of the party at fault for an accident, injury or medical malpractice case is responsible for paying the victim’s medical bills. The insurance company is the primary payer, meaning that it has a duty to cover costs up to the policy coverage limit. If and when that coverage limit Read More

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How Medical Expenses Are Handled After a Car Accident

You should seek medical attention immediately after a serious accident. Of course, with medical care comes a series of bills that you will need to cover. There’s a common misconception that an injured person’s bills will be directly paid by the party who caused the accident, or even by an attorney. Although it is true Read More

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Dealing with Diminished Vehicle Value After an Accident

When your car has been in an accident, there will be a perceived loss of value to it — even if the repairs made it “as good as new.” This is referred to as its “diminished value,” a trait that will make its resale value lower for prospective buyers. Simply having been in an accident Read More

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